Why Use Me?

Why use me for your copywriting needs? Let me count the ways!

If you’re looking for a Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne copywriter, and if location is important to you, then I could tick the right box for you. Residentially speaking, I live in Brisbane but, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I provide copywriting services to clients Australia-wide. I have an office in Brisbane and make periodic trips to Sydney and Melbourne, but you can always reach me by phone or email and we can work together via the beauty of technology.

So if you’re looking for a Brisbane copywriter, a Sydney copywriter or a Melbourne copywriter, there’s a big list below of reasons why you should consider engaging me for your next copywriting task, wherever your business is located in Australia.

I have over 12 years of experience writing for sole traders through to multinational corporations. In a nutshell, I save you time and money, make life easier for you, keep your communications consistent and on-brand and elevate your credibility.

Approachable and quick

Two things clients frequently say about me is that I’m approachable and I’m quick on the uptake. I enjoy a good chat and like to get to know my clients and their businesses.

As a copywriter, it’s my job to familiarise myself with your industry and I love ‘finding the sexy’ so I can write compelling material about it. If it enthuses ME, it’ll enthuse your readers!

Contact me now now about your copywriting needs and tell me what the weather looks like in your part of the country!

Save time

  • I work in finished copy, not drafts. Effective briefing allows me to understand your requirements from the beginning. You’ll receive finished work that you may just want to tweak, but which won’t require extensive rewriting.
  • Outsourcing your writing requirements will free up untold chunks of time for you to focus on your strengths.
  • No typos or spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors to correct.
  • Job done … efficiently, expertly and to your deadlines.

Save money

  • What is your time worth if you charge by the hour? How many hours do you sit at your computer either avoiding writing something or trying to get started? Now how much does that cost your business?
  • Professional copywriting is an investment in the success of your business.
  • Consider how much you’ve invested in the building of your website. If the words on your site don’t make sense, are riddled with errors or are just plain boring, no number of pretty pictures or even search engine rankings will generate sales or new customers.
  • Online marketing – your website, newsletters, blog posts – is far more cost-effective than snail mail or other traditional marketing methods. And exponentially, the larger your database, the lower the cost per contact.
  • Get the job done right the first time!

Ease and consistency

  • Outsourcing your writing requirements to me as an independent freelancer means no agency fees, no lock-in contracts and plenty of flexibility.
  • Personalised, one-on-one service and consistency.
  • I take the time to understand you and your business from the beginning.
  • You’ll enjoy working with a professional who understands your time is precious and that you don’t need to be constantly checking up.
  • If you find it necessary to have an initial meeting in person with your copywriter, and you’re based in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne then that can usually be arranged.

Elevate your credibility

  • Professionally written content always hits the mark.
  • Poor quality writing will always ‘dumb down’ your offering and take the shine off the high quality of goods or services you actually provide.
  • As I’m a native English-speaking Australian, your material will always be written in Australian English without ‘exotic nuances’.


  • My testimonials are an excellent way for you to learn of the quality of my writing services.
  • I used to run business networking groups in Brisbane so I have a broad network of connections.