Website Content

Websites don’t write themselves

Think how many websites you view in a typical week. Did you ever stop to think who wrote the words? Sometimes the business owner writes their website themselves. Or they engage a uni student, a friend or a casual employee to do it. SMART business owners engage professional copywriters who don’t just write but perform!

Let’s get on with it!

As a professional copywriter of more than 12 years’ experience, I’ve written countless websites. It starts with a briefing consultation over the phone which takes about an hour of your time. No complex questionnaires, nothing for you to sit and think about, just a conversation. Wait, it’s more than “just a conversation”. We discuss your products and services, your desired target audience, your brand’s personality and voice and your positioning in the marketplace. It’s a thought-provoking discussion that will give you crystal clear clarity that you may not have even known you needed. I take tons of notes then you go back to your business and I get to work writing.

What’s your website’s cringe factor?

Spelling and grammatical errors, yawn-worthy wording and downright dreary content is never going to win you customers! Let me wave my wordmistress wand and tighten it all up so your visitors can’t wait to buy from you!!

Contact me now and find out how easy it can be to get your website up and running with powerful, compelling content.

SEO website copywriting

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a toolbox that we use to help your website rank better in searches. SEO copywriting helps to increase your rankings by incorporating keywords your would-be customer would be searching for. There’s more to it but that’s the nutshell version. There’s also a fine line between writing for Google and writing for your potential new customer. I walk that line.

The process

First step is a chat. We talk about what you need and why as well as how your website needs to perform for your business. Next, I send you a proposal outlining my Terms of Engagement, inclusions, exclusions, the deadline and firm pricing, plus an invoice for a 50 percent deposit. We book a time for a briefing consultation which takes about an hour, sometimes more and once that’s done, I write! Simple, isn’t it?

Who needs SEO website copywriting?

  • The very busy business owner who is chasing their tail trying to get things done.
  • The smart business owner who knows it’s not one of their strengths.
  • The start-up business owner who needs to hit the ground running with the right tools.
  • The jaded business owner whose website needs a total refresh.
  • The canny business owner who knows the value of outsourcing to a professional.
  • The experienced business owner who understands the importance of continually evolving.
  • The selling-up business owner whose website is a valuable, saleable asset.
  • The competitive business owner who seeks an edge in their market.
  • The struggling business owner who could do with levelling the playing

Who hires the wordmistress to write their website content?

  • Owners of small to medium sized businesses across Australia.
  • Clients who have no tolerance or patience for completing briefing questionnaires.
  • Clients who don’t have time to waste on endless meetings and phone calls.
  • Clients who need to know the job is in capable hands.
  • Clients who understand that price is what you pay, and value is what you receive.
  • Clients whose websites are so well-designed and built that the words need to match.
  • Clients know their websites are a little ‘iffy’ but that words can make a huge difference.

Contact me now and find out how easy it can be to get your website up and running with powerful, compelling content.