Regular Content

People are hungry for information

We all have a kind of ADD these days; a very short attention span because there’s so much going on all the time. But where we find compelling, interesting, engaging material, we stick around. Keeping your content fresh means always being ready for your audience with something new and exciting.

Keep it fresh and keep it happening!

The more you ‘brain-worm’ your prospects and customers by subliminally being there even when they’re not expecting it, the more they remember you when they’re ready to buy. There are plenty of platforms for fresh, regular content:

Blog posts | newsletters | Product Spotlights (ask me) | LinkedIn articles | magazine articles | Facebook posts | Twitter posts | your website | print materials

The more visible you are across multiple platforms, the more you’ll keep popping up in people’s consciousness. “Oh there’s that 4WD brand again, they know their stuff” or “I love seeing what that architect has been up to lately”. Even if they haven’t subscribed to your feeds or newsletters, even if they haven’t gone looking for you, the magic of the Internet will put you in front of them at some point. Be proactive and be ready!

Who the flip’s got time to write regular content?

A professional copywriter in your tool pouch is like your secret weapon. I’ll smash out your top notch, compelling, on-time and on-spec goodies and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Contact me now to talk about fresh, regular content for your website, social media posts and exposure opportunities.

To be relevant in the marketplace, you have to be visible, credible and magnetic

And there’s another word too: sticky. The Internet is a rabbit hole where information is everywhere and people crave more and more and more. When a person is searching the net for the things you offer, you want them to find you.

Let’s say someone is looking to have their Will drawn up and you’re a solicitor who provides that service. Imagine how comforted they’ll feel to encounter your content that talks about the simple process you offer and how you’ve helped other clients.

Delving more deeply into your online profile, they’ll find you’re quite the authority on family law matters and that you’re approachable, you speak their language and you care about providing value. All that from reading your blog posts, checking out your social media or visiting your website.

When I write fresh, regular content for clients, I write in their voice. We discuss ideas for topics and types of material and devise a schedule, say weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Early on, in may be important to write more frequently in order to build up a comprehensive content library, but it’s always up to the client.

Your juicy, ripe content will stand you apart from your competitors. Speak to me about freshly picked topics and start pumping out material your audience will drool over!

So, what kinds of fresh, regular content could I be writing for you?

Contact me now to talk about fresh, regular content for your website, social media posts and exposure opportunities.