Proof of Cred Content

How’s your cred?

In business, credibility is critical when it comes to prospects’ purchasing decisions! But how do you communicate to those prospects that you are every bit as good as you say you are, without saying it yourself?

A friendly conversation extracts more gold than your client staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write. For years, I’ve helped my clients by talking to their customers for them. The result is a report – or a ‘story’ – that they can use on multiple platforms as proof of their credibility. Consumers enjoy the opportunity to talk about a pleasant experience. Give them that opportunity and use their authentic words to motivate others to buy from you.

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  • Julia Gouye
    The quality of Gina’s writing is exceptional. She knows just how to pull together the client’s comments to create an engaging and compelling story that others enjoy reading.
    Julia Gouye
    Cafeideas, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Geremy Glew
    Gina is responsive, personalised and a really good writer and I’ve had very positive feedback from my clients whom she has interviewed and extracted testimonials for me.
    Geremy Glew
    Placed Recruitment

Who would you believe more: a seller, or a buyer?

Your potential customer will likely do a lot of ‘tyre-kicking’ before deciding to buy and one of the most important markers they will look for is proven performance.

Look how product review sites are booming. Over a decade ago, eBay established the feedback system and now it’s everywhere; Uber, AirBNB, Menulog, TripAdvisor. More and more, consumers look to how other consumers feel about products, services and organisations before they engage.

Imagine you are competing with two other companies for a customer’s selection. You all offer similar services, pricing is comparable and availability is the same. But one company’s website displays a dozen glowing testimonials from dazzled customers. They also have Case Studies outlining the difference the company made for several customers. Which choice do you think would be the most compelling?

Requesting customers to write feedback is bananas (and rarely bears fruit)

You respectfully ask customers to provide a testimonial or fill out a survey and even when you offer an incentive, the silence is deafening. Don’t take it personally, they’re busy, and once they’ve got from you what they needed – and paid your invoice – they feel their obligation is fulfilled. Regular people don’t want to write! It’s too hard and takes their focus away from their comfortable core duties.

People prefer to talk than write

Excellent, so there is a way in! So, you get me on the task and I call your customers and have a friendly chat with them. We discuss how your products have performed or your services have paid off for them and they feel acknowledged and heard.

Customer stories
Show would-be customers how they can expect to be treated by you and how much you value them by including a section about their business.
Case studies
Kind of like a before/after report, case studies show the difference you made for your customer.
Client experience feedback
Based on a specific set of questions you want asked for targeted feedback.

Panning for gold

Remember that writing is not for everyone. Your customer’s written feedback may not contain the true gems that can be extracted in a chat. “Great range of chairs and tables” is nowhere near as motivating as “The chairs and tables we purchased have been exceptionally easy to move around and keep clean and our customers stay longer and spend more on food and drinks because they’re comfortable.”

From our conversation, I write a report for you and you can use it in several ways to get better bang for buck.

Post on your website
Keeps your content fresh, engaging and up to date. This helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and shows would-be customers you’re active, progressive and performing. Create a special area of your website and/or intersperse excerpts throughout it.
Post on your blog
Your blog subscribers want more from you; keep it coming. Casual visitors get to see that you’re constantly delighting your customers.
Post on LinkedIn
This material can be repurposed for LinkedIn, where your peers, competitors, customers and prospects can see that you’re a force to be reckoned with.
Post on social media
Switch up your content types by adding pro-you material in amongst customer-centric items.
Post in your newsletter
Your newsletter subscribers are already paying attention. This is a fabulous opportunity to toot your horn a little louder.
Include in proposals
When you need to impress in order to win a job, make sure your proposal is rich with the words your customers have said about you.

Gather the riches you rightly deserve. Those precious words of positive feedback make an enormous difference to prospects!

Contact me now to discuss how I can turn silence into hugely positive evidence of how great you are!