How to get your VIP customers to reward YOU

Rewarding your VIP customers with praise and recognition can deliver more benefits than you might imagine. Discover how to use customer relationship marketing to attract new customers and grow revenue.

Everyone loves a bit of recognition, including your customers. They support you with their dollars and by choosing to do business with you instead of your competitor. They may be a brand advocate of yours and sing your praises to their friends, relatives and work colleagues. They may talk positively about you on social media, refer you to people they know and mention you to perfect strangers. So wouldn’t it be nice to shine the spotlight on them to say thanks? (And in the process, it’ll deliver even more goodness back to you.) What I’m talking about is ‘customer relationship marketing’ or ‘transactional marketing’. And before you think it’s too difficult, I’ll tell you a little later how I can help.

Star Client/Customer of the Month

By nominating one of your customers as your Star Client or Customer of the Month, you instantly shower them with acknowledgement that they are very valuable to you and your business. But how do you make it happen? (And again, I can help you with this!)

  • Write a news story – Interview your customer and ask them exactly what it is they like about your company, your products and/or services. Post the story on your blog, add golden snippets to your marketing materials, add excerpts to your newsletter and even consider sending them a small gift as a thank you.
  • Distribute a media release – Your free local paper is always looking for good news stories about businesses in their area. Maybe you’ve solved a huge problem for this customer, gone above and beyond expectation for them or helped them win an important accolade. That’s news! Write it up and email it to the editor of your local rag.
  • Create a short video – Hand-deliver an award, gift or trophy and have someone shoot of video of you handing it over. It need only be a 10-second video but you get to post it on your social media accounts, your website and of course, YouTube. Your customer might even post it on their website!

How you will benefit from rewarding customers

When you show appreciation for the support you receive from others, they will naturally reward you with:

  • Repeat business
  • More/higher sales
  • Increased word of mouth
  • Reciprocal appreciation
  • Prioritising their payments to you
  • Mentions in their own media activities

Copywriting services and beyond

I can contact your customer for you and conduct a short interview that will only take a little of their time, then turn it into a shiny story that you can use as you wish. Or, I can write your media release which you can then send to your newspaper’s editor or other media outlets.

My fee for this kind of service starts at $200.00. For that, you will have golden proof of your customer’s sparkling satisfaction with your business which will not only achieve the benefits listed above but will also tell other would-be customers how much you care about doing a great job. If just one new customer begins a relationship with you as a result, you will already have offset the fee!

Who are your 3 VIP customers?

Right now, your three most important (valuable) customers should spring to mind. You know they are thrilled with your products/services. You know they always love to hear from you. They’re easy to deal with, always pay their bills on time, appreciate your efforts and are vocal about your company. Would you like me to call them on your behalf and write a feature piece about them?

Call me on 0404 879 100 to discuss how beautifully this can work for your business.

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