So you need to know about my copywriting fees

“What do you charge?” It’s sometimes one of the first questions I’m asked. Regrettably, there’s no single, simple answer. Copywriting is a specialised service and your tasks are specialised too. Therefore, it stands to reason that the copywriting fees you will pay will depend on a number of variables.

Fixed rate copywriting

I can tell you I’m not the cheapest and I’m not the most expensive copywriter in Australia. I quote according to the task and there are no hidden fees. That means no cost blow-outs for you to deal with. Once we’ve talked and I’ve had a think about the best way to do the job, I’ll provide a fully transparent fixed price, in writing.

Hourly copywriting fees

Some of my clients prefer to pay by the hour. Others have many and varied requirements over an ongoing arrangement so an hourly rate is more appropriate.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys

It’s a bit cute, I know, but it’s so true! You’d be bananas to hire a cheap-and-nasty copywriter who promises you the world then delivers error-riddled work. You’ll then have to spend hours revising and time is money. And hiring an offshore copywriter to do the grunt work on your blog may seem tempting but you’re better than that.

Terms of Engagement

Before commencing our first job together, I’ll send you a Copywriting Proposal containing the formal quote and my Terms of Engagement to read and sign. An invoice for a 50% deposit will accompany this documentation. Terms are 7 days for payment of the balance of your copywriting fees.

If you have questions, take a look at the FAQs page or contact me now and let’s discuss what you need me to help you with.