Corporate Profile Copywriting

Who are you and how do you appear to the world?

Projecting your desired corporate impression takes more than just wearing the right suit or shoes. How you appear in words is extremely important, particularly if you are keen to hone your online presence into one that attracts your target audience.

Crafting your digital footprint

You’ve likely heard of the term ‘digital footprint’. When people Google your name, what do they find? Hopefully there will be positive mentions of you and your business expertise, perhaps photos of you receiving awards or in action as your professional self.

When people Google your name, are you satisfied as to what they may find?

One way to ensure that your written ‘image’ is as you would like it to be is to create information about yourself and proudly post it online where it can be read by potential employers, customers and suppliers.

Elevate your corporate impression

I can write a range of materials for you to elevate your corporate impression. You can use these in print form or online; add them to your Proposals, Tenders and other documents.

  • Professional Bio – Provided in long and/or condensed versions for inclusion with your proposals, tenders, résumé, corporate profile and media releases.
  • Capability Statement – Outline your core services, experience, satisfied clients and pertinent company information in a palatable format that you can leave with prospects. At a glance, they’ll know who you are and how valuable you could be to them.
  • Facebook Profile – Your business page needs to convey more than the products and services you offer. You are a critical element of your business’s offering.
  • Twitter Profile – You’d be amazed how much valuable information I can fit in to 160 characters.
  • Elevator Pitch – At networking events, you have between 10 and 60 seconds to articulate who you are and how you can help those listening to you. Don’t miss an opportunity to hit your mark!

Do you want your corporate impression to speak volumes about your expertise or products? Drop me a line or give me a call on 0404 879 100 to discuss your requirements.


“Gina , thank you so very much for the professional bio’s you recently completed for Ian and I – from feedback we have already received you have captured “us” perfectly.

What was truly amazing was that from our brief answers to what seemed a few basic questions and your access to our resumes you have crafted our bios to encompass everything we required without the need for copious rewrites – it truly was a hands off experience for us – your expertise in writing really shines through and your ability to individually embrace what is important to showcase to clients even though you haven’t worked with us and have only briefly met me is truly a great reflection on your skills and reputation.  I love the way you introduced a little humour into our bios as well. Overall you have taken something that I had really struggled with for a long time and in an extremely short time frame delivered to us documents of quality that meet our needs perfectly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for someone to “craft their perfect message”!

Leanne Berry
The Numbers Game, Bathurst NSW