Content strategy: Why the written word is still important

There are so many content formats now that it can feel overwhelming! But the written word is still every bit as important and valued as video, audio and imagery. The important thing is that you create content and if words are best for you, go for it!

Why Patient Involvement in Their Own Care is Critical

Give-and-take content is important in including patients in their own treatment plan. Whilst GPs often provide take-home information, asking patients to collate data involves them and sees them invest more in their own positive outcome.

How to get your VIP customers to reward YOU

Rewarding your VIP customers with praise and recognition can deliver more benefits than you might imagine. Discover how to use customer relationship marketing to attract new customers and grow revenue.

The best hundred bucks a real estate agent can spend

You could write your own property listings … OR, you could invest around 0.65% of your commission to have them written by a professional marketing copywriter. It’s chicken feed when you think about it but that powerful, enticing listing needn’t take you hours to write.