Blogs and Newsletter Copywriting

Make the most of your audience – they’re all ears!

One of the most efficient methods of marketing is to connect and engage with your audience. They are volunteers who have chosen to sign up for your newsletter or to receive notifications of new blog posts. Or they may be unwitting audience members because they have searched for something they need and found your blog.

Marketing to your audience is brilliant because they are already tuned in to what you offer.

Your audience is ‘warm’, receptive and open. They have given you permission to drip feed them information and they are already part of the way along the process to becoming your customers.

What an amazing opportunity!

What if you struggle to write newsletters or blog posts?

No need to struggle! No need to find huge chunks of time to write your own material! I can help you gain back hours and hours of your precious time by writing your newsletters and blog posts for you.

  • You determine the frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly).
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • No need for you to learn complicated email campaign software.
  • You can upload your blog content yourself or have me do it for you.
  • You can either provide all the material for me to rewrite and turn into marketing copy, or you can have me come up with a strategy, source content and make suggestions.
  • Save time and frustration and spare your brain cells!
  • Receive a simple, upfront, ongoing quote. No hidden costs.
  • Your newsletter or blog copy will be sent to you in finished, not draft, mode. You are welcome of course to make revisions but in general, you will enjoy knowing the job is done, with minimal input required from you.

But what if you haven’t built your audience yet?

Firstly, you need a newsletter sign-up form on your website or even on your business’s Facebook page. From there, you only need one subscriber before you can say you have an audience. Congratulations! As for your blog, just get started! “Build it and they will come.”

Aside from connecting with your audience, your blog is also enormously useful for Search Engine Optimisation.

To find out how newsletters and blogging can benefit your business’s marketing efforts and online presence, just drop me a line or call me on 0404 879 100.


“Prior to engaging Gina Lofaro (the wordmistress), we were compiling our own monthly newsletters. As this is not our area of expertise, we found that it took an enormous amount of time to not only apply ourselves to tackle it but also to write it. We also felt it needed something fresh to revitalise it. Gina has provided an invaluable service by taking it off our hands each month. We simply provide her with the topic and some reference material and she takes charge and sends the complete work to us. We never have to worry that there is anything incorrect – we truly don’t have to think about it once we pass it on to Gina. Gina supplies us with finished copy so the amount of time spent on revisions is absolutely minimal. We can now redirect the amount of time we used to spend on our newsletters to performing our true areas of expertise.”

Larry and Geraldine Brownson
Ledger Guard Debt Collection and Credit Management, Brisbane