I’m Gina, aka the wordmistress. I'm a professional loner; no team of enthusiastic word nerds to pick up my slack. It’s just me. But when I say “just”, I mean you deal with one highly experienced individual every step of the way. I’ve been a full-time copywriter since around 2006, focusing mainly on writing for the Internet but I do also write print materials for clients.

Over the years, I’ve assisted countless clients who are sole traders, not-for-profits, small and medium businesses and even multinationals, shaping words to fit their business’s voice, personality and objectives. You may or may not have heard of them and, due to non-disclosure agreements, I may or may not be able to name some anyway. You can view some of my testimonials here.

I specialise in two things: bloody good briefings, and skilful word arrangement.

Contact me now if you just want to get on with it and get brilliant copy delivered to your inbox, without the song and dance.

  • Phillip Eddy
    In a 1hr call, Gina asked lots of quality questions in order to understand our business and 6 hrs later, completed the entire job which exceeded all of my expectations.
    Phillip Eddy
    Custom Supplements, Brisbane
  • David Braatvedt
    Though we operate in a fairly dry and uninspiring sector (commercial laundry equipment), Gina has been able to make our message more readable. We seldom have to amend or revise her copy, something we appreciate enormously.
    David Braatvedt
    Andrew Barton Laundry Equipment
  • Charbil Khoudair
    We turn to Gina whenever we have need for copywriting and even to write ad hoc items such as speeches, LinkedIn material and some letters. After experiencing such efficient and courteous service, we are delighted to recommend Gina.
    Charbil Khoudair
    Cadmus Engineering Pty Ltd, Sydney
  • N Jackson
    Gina was very quick to deliver what we required. She took the time to understand our business, gave us plenty of great advice and delivered above and beyond.
    N Jackson
    iPad Cases Australia
  • JP Shelburn
    What we value most in our service professionals is to be able to depend on their skills and expertise, and not have to waste precious time reviewing back and forth to achieve our goals. Gina’s work is of the highest quality every time. We assign her a task and she delivers materials that are practically spot on.
    JP Shelburn
    XL Service Bodies Pty Ltd

Bloody good briefings

I wouldn’t dream of sending you a drawn-out briefing questionnaire and expect you to find the time to complete it. I’d rather talk, one-to-one and have a conversation that prompts you to give me those nuggets of information you may not otherwise have thought to tell me. In around one hour, you’ll find yourself examining aspects of your business you may not have explored for a while. Once we’re finished, I use my notes to write for you.

Skilful word arrangement

AKA ‘writing’. It’s about choosing the right words, sticking to an appropriate volume, incorporating SEO keywords if required, placing the words in an intelligent – sometimes creative – order and then revising. Once the words are delivered to you, they are no longer in draft form. The vast majority of my clients find they need to send back minimal revisions, sometimes none.

Client sectors

On any given day, I could be writing about Wagyu beef, artisan cookies, ute canopies, toilet paper and paper towel, commercial cleaning equipment, curry pastes, engineering, recruitment, real estate, finance, training, domestic solar systems or insurance. Take a look at who hires me.

Who I’m not

In the early days, I networked, hosted events, schmoozed, instructed, gave talks and was quite prolific on social media. Today, it’s just me, my keyboard, my dual monitor setup and the NBN. I’ll meet you if you feel the need but considering I work for clients Australia-wide, technology is a wonderful thing and it’s all done by digital wizardry. That’s so much more productive and efficient. Disclaimer: I may be found drinking decaf out somewhere, banging away at my laptop keyboard.

The other side of me

I’m a readoholic but not necessarily books. I have wanderlust. I love comedy, red wine and rain. Bit of a clean/neat freak. I enjoy good conversation, meeting fascinating people and decaf coffee (yep, you read correctly).

Contact me now if you just want to get on with it and get brilliant copy delivered to your inbox, without the song and dance.