What Can I Do For You?

Well, here are some of the writing tasks I do for clients in the course of my work.

  • Website content – Someone has to write those words you read on websites you visit.

  • Project descriptions – Architects and other professionals showcase their work in words.

  • Product descriptions – Smart words paint pictures that sell products.

  • Directory listings – Spare advertisers the complexities of writing their own listings and they’ll sign up more readily.

  • Blog posts – Be there with interesting, informative materials so would-be customers can see you’re awesome.

  • Newsletters – Keep in touch with your audience; they’ve given you permission so you owe it to them.

  • Product blasts – Pop in to your customers’ inboxes with regular product news.

  • LinkedIn articles – Put your expertise on display in the world’s biggest professional online marketplace.

  • Testimonial interviews – You ask a client for a testimonial and it never happens. Have me call them as your rep and they’ll be happy to provide everything I need.

  • Case studies – Spell out the value and expertise you delivered for a customer and the difference it’s made to them.

  • Star customer stories – Honour your customer with an interview that results in a part case study/part spotlight on their business, published online.

  • Real estate listings – In the competitive world of real estate, you need every ounce of advantage you can get.

  • Corporate profiles – For your LinkedIn page, your prospectus or your speaker bio.

  • Magazine articles – Capitalise on industry mag opportunities and be invited back because your copy had such polish.

  • Print materials – Product packaging, flyers, brochures, invitations and even backs of business cards.

  • Pitches – Take full advantage of the opportunity to present your product to a potential major buyer.