Q: Who is ‘the wordmistress’?
A: My name is Gina Lofaro and my business name is ‘the wordmistress’. I’m a sole trader based in Brisbane’s CBD and I also work out of offices in Sydney and Melbourne. I offer copywriting services Australia-wide and even beyond.

Q: What is a ‘specialist marketing copywriter’?
A: Quite simply, the material I write for clients is designed to achieve marketing objectives, particularly to sell, promote or publicise a brand, company, service or product. Specific goals are identified and the copy is written to achieve them.

Q: Can you provide copywriting services to my business even though you’re Brisbane-based?
A: Geographically speaking, I am a Brisbane copywriter however my clients are situated all over Australia. When I’m in Sydney, I’m technically a Sydney copywriter and in Melbourne, a Melbourne copywriter so if meeting is important to you, contact me about when I’ll be in your city next. Even so, all copywriting work can be managed via email, Skype or over the phone.

Q: Is it necessary to meet in person?
A: No; you may prefer to save yourself the time and conduct our briefings and other communications via email, Skype or phone. I have many clients Australia-wide who can’t logistically meet in person because they’re not physically in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. The Internet has made it infinitely possible to conduct business without face to face meetings.

Q: Do you charge by the hour or at a set rate?
A: Some copywriting jobs are charged by the hour whilst for others, I provide a set price quote. Website content is generally charged by the page and I have set prices for other copywriting services such as blog posts, newsletters and corporate bios. Simply enquire.

Q: Will I have to fill out a longwinded questionnaire?
A: No! I find it more productive and more efficient to conduct a briefing over the phone. The conversation draws out more information and you don’t have to sit there wondering what to type. I take all the notes I need after asking plenty of questions and chatting about your business.

Q: Is there a fee for the consultation?
A: Yes. Over my 12+ years of being a professional copywriter, I’ve never had a client feel uncomfortable about paying this fee. In fact, most are appreciative that they don’t have to find the time to tackle a briefing questionnaire and prefer being able to chat one-on-one about their business. In some cases, the briefing consultation provides a few coaching gems for the client as well.

Q: Is a briefing consultation required for all jobs?
A: Most briefing is done over the phone. For small jobs, there is no fee. For some jobs, the fee is included in the overall quote and for website content, there is a set fee. Please enquire.

Q: Why don’t you advertise your rates on your website?
A: This comes under the heading: “how long is a piece of string?” It’s not possible to apply a standard rate to every single copywriting job as there are myriad variables involved including deadlines, complexity, scope, ongoing work, bulk jobs and so on. What I can tell you is that I provide top quality copywriting services and my rates reflect the value I deliver.

Q: How can you write about my industry if you’re not experienced in it?
A: Good copywriting comes from efficient briefings. It’s my job to familiarise myself with my clients’ industries and to ask questions that enable me to communicate effectively to their audience.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Ordinarily they are 50% deposit prior to commencement and then 50% balance payable within 7 days of delivery. In most cases, a credit application form will be required. Payment terms can be negotiated based on the size and costing of the job however a credit application form will need to be completed. For jobs that are $300.00 or less, pre-payment in full is required.

Q: Is my material kept confidential?
A: Absolutely! I am happy to sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or other confidentiality policy.

Q: Can you help me to design my marketing material?
A: As a specialist marketing copywriter, I do my best work with words. I recommend clients seek professional advice from graphic designers, web designers and other experts with regard to visual services.

Q: How does your briefing process work? I don’t want to have to fill out any forms.
A: I try to make the briefing process as simple and straightforward as possible. You shouldn’t have to write a long-winded brief; after all, you’re engaging me to write for you! Read more about the briefing process.

Q: Is there any sort of copy you won’t or can’t write?
A: To do it justice, material that is highly technical is best left to those who specialise in the field. Other than that, I’m generally fine with sexual, political and religious content.

Q: Do you have a minimum job size?
A: No. You may want a tagline, Twitter bio or product description written. A minimum fee applies and any jobs under $300 are required to be paid in full, in advance.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: Direct deposit is always preferred however cheques and cash are also acceptable. If credit card payment is absolutely necessary, then a reputable third party provider can be arranged. A $55 set-up fee and a 2.2% surcharge apply.

Q: Do you run credit checks on clients?
A: I reserve the right to perform a credit check at my discretion.

Q: Will I own all rights to the copywriting work you do for me?
A: Yes. Once your invoices have been paid in full then all rights for the copy are reverted to you. From that point onwards you may use, sell and otherwise distribute the copy however you require.

Q: Who are some of your clients and what do they have to say about your copywriting services?
A: Visit my Testimonials page where you will see two videos and written feedback in support of my work.

Q: Do you offer ‘ghost writing’?
A: Once you have paid your invoices, you are welcome to call the writing I do for you your own work.

Q: Can I have you write a free sample so I can see if your writing is what I’m looking for?
A: I’m happy to provide samples of similar work that I’ve provided for other clients. If you’d like to trial my services, consider engaging me to write something of a smaller scope for you.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: My privacy policy is very strict. Your details will never be sold, rented or given away to any third party. I will never auto-subscribe you to any mailings and I will never send you spam or any other unsolicited marketing material. If however you would like to sign up to receive valuable small business and marketing information, you’ll find the sign-up form by scrolling up and looking to the left of this page (just under the main purple banner).

Q: Why can’t I write my own copy?
A: You can but I suggest that you engage a professional copywriter who can apply their expertise. Also, do you want to write it yourself and do you have the time? Professional copywriting services save you time, help you implement and achieve marketing goals and, in the final wash, save you money too! Read ‘The Top 20 Reasons You Need a Copywriter Today’.

Q: Do you always stick to your quotes?
A: Yes. For most jobs, I provide a Copywriting Proposal which outlines the brief, the delivery, deadline, exclusions and my Terms of Engagement. If you decide you would like to add an extra page, for example, then I will advise you of any extra costs before proceeding.